In an era where digital literacy is increasingly synonymous with opportunity, Decent Africa’s “ICT for Everyone” project exemplifies empowerment and educational equity. Launched with the support of robust partnerships in the ICT sector, this initiative is dedicated to advancing ICT education among Africa’s most underserved communities, with a particular emphasis on empowering the Girl Child.

The primary goal of the “ICT for Everyone” initiative is to bridge the digital divide by providing accessible, high-quality ICT education. This initiative not only equips participants with essential digital skills but also integrates them into the growing global digital economy, thus opening up a more comprehensive range of opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

Since its inception, the program has reached over 100,000 participants across several African countries, including Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.
Approximately 70% of the beneficiaries are girls and young women, aligning with our commitment to gender equity in education.

We operate in over 120 community centers and schools, ensuring ICT education is accessible in rural and remote areas.
Participants in the “ICT for Everyone” program undergo a comprehensive curriculum that includes basic computer skills, internet safety, coding, and data management. Post-program assessments show a substantial improvement in digital literacy rates:
Participants’ proficiency in basic computer operations increased from 20% at the outset to 85% upon completion.Coding skills, starting from virtually zero among all participants, reached a proficiency level where 60% of students could write basic programs and understand algorithmic thinking.

Looking ahead, Decent Africa aims to expand the “ICT for Everyone” initiative by securing additional partnerships and funding. The objective is to double the program’s reach over the next five years and introduce advanced courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning, keeping pace with global technological advancements.

The “ICT 4 Everyone” initiative by Decent Africa is more than just an educational program it’s a transformative experience that fosters independence, innovation, and growth. By focusing on the underserved and the often overlooked, notably the Girl Child, we are paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in the digital world.

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