The “Best School Uniform” award recognises primary schools that have maintained high standards of decency in their uniforms, in contrast to the trend of modernisation, which has often led to less traditional designs. This accolade celebrates uniforms that exhibit modesty and demonstrate bright detailing, uniqueness in colour, and design to promote a positive school image and foster student pride.



To be considered for the award, primary schools must demonstrate a commitment to maintaining decent and smartly designed uniforms. The selection process is twofold. It starts with public nominations, allowing parents, students, and the general community to recommend schools whose uniforms they believe stand out in terms of decency and design. Subsequently, a dedicated panel conducts in-depth research and observation to assess each nominated school based on a detailed set of criteria.

Uniforms are evaluated on various metrics, including decency, functionality, design uniqueness, colour scheme, and the material’s quality and comfort. Annually, this award garners approximately 300 nominations nationwide, indicating strong engagement from the school communities and the public. Over the past editions, schools from over 50 districts have participated, showcasing various uniform designs influenced by local cultures and preferences.

Winning schools have reported increased school pride and unity among students. Surveys indicate that 85% of students in winning schools feel a stronger sense of belonging and pride in their school identity. Encouraged by the success at the primary level, plans are being formulated to extend the award to secondary schools, aiming to promote decency across more stages of educational development.

In addition to the award, the organisation intends to host workshops for school administrators and uniform designers to explore new trends in uniform design that balance modern aesthetics with traditional decency. The “Best School Uniform” award is a benchmark for schools nationwide to strive for good uniforms and uphold values of decency and propriety. By recognising schools that excel in this area, the award is crucial in promoting a positive and unified school environment, encouraging other institutions to reevaluate and elevate their uniform standards.

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