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About Decent Africa

Embracing Heritage, Empowering Futures

In the tapestry of African heritage, the thread of decency has always been woven intricately into the fabric of our society. Historically, African women have been the standard-bearers of grace, each generation setting a precedent for the next. The challenge arose as the world grew closer through globalisation: maintaining the essence of our traditional decency amid the influx of international fashion influences.

Decent Africa emerged from a collective aspiration to harmonise traditional decency with contemporary style. Our movement is a testament to the timeless elegance that can thrive alongside fashion-forward sensibilities. In our world, being stylish is not merely about following trends it’s a celebration of identity, culture, and self-expression rooted in the dignity of our past.

Our mission is audacious yet simple: to redefine the narrative of fashion and decency for African women and to assert that sophistication, style, and decency are not mutually exclusive. We are reshaping perceptions, championing the philosophy that the modern African woman can be avant-garde, chic, and decent at once.

We lead this sartorial revolution from the ground up. Initiatives that start with the youth in schools and communitiesla y the foundation for a new vogue where decency is synonymous with “cool.” By nurturing this value early on, we cultivate a generation of women who don’t just wear clothes but wear a legacy.

Decent Africa has become the premier platform for promoting Decent Fashion Designs, transcending African borders and influencing global fashion ecosystems. We believe decency is not a transient trend but a perennial celebration of African pride.

In the spotlight of this revolution, we align with role models across diverse spheres to mentor and uplift the younger generation. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics into social impact and sustainable development.

Our projects are fueled by a commitment to empower communities through technology, emphasising nurturing the girl child in the digital age. “ICT for Everyone” is our flagship social responsibility endeavour, using education as a catalyst for community enrichment and the upliftment of society.

At Decent Africa, we don’t just dress bodies; we dress minds for a future where decency, innovation, and empowerment are woven into every pattern of our identity.

Join us in stitching this new quilt of African identity, where every thread is a statement, every colour a story, and every garment a milestone on the journey to a more decent and empowered world.

Qualities for Decent Fashion

Modesty in Attire:

Decent fashion promotes attire that avoids exposing body parts considered sensitive in many cultures, such as the breasts and thighs. This aligns with the principle of modesty, which respects individual dignity and cultural norms.

Integrity and Authenticity

Fashion choices must uphold the wearer's integrity, projecting an image that is true to one’s values and roles within the community. This extends to ensuring that attire is appropriate for one’s professional environment or the nature of the job.

Respectful Presentation

Each ensemble should convey respect for the wearer and the audience. Clothing should be chosen thoughtfully, reflecting respect for the occasion and the broader cultural environment.

What We Do

  1. Brand and market all kinds of decent fashions and designs.
  2. Advocate for decent dressing among women of different ages.
  3. Promote girl child self esteem and the concept that Decence is cool.
  4. Rate and reward the most decent personalities in influential positions in public service, corporate companies and media through the DECENT AFRICA AWARDS which run once a year.
  5. Promote the Girl child dignity and Education through lobbying funds from corporate entities to support the most outstanding girls in areas of education and religion.

6. Free ICT education for different communities in a way to train hands on skills and promote girl education.

7. Promote and rate the most influential fashion labels and school uniforms in the fashion industry in Uganda, Africa and beyond

8. We Design, Market and sell different types of fashion to local and international markets.

9. We provide platform for advertising corporate brands within Uganda and elsewhere in the world.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

 Our mission is to inspire women to confidently embrace their cultural heritage and express their individuality through dignified, stylish, and empowering fashion.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to cultivate a world where African women lead the global conversation in fashion, setting trends rich in cultural integrity and contemporary elegance. We strive to be the inspiration that lights the path for a future where decency in dress becomes a universal norm, celebrated across all spheres of society, and upheld as a cherished aspect of African identity a solid way to raise the esteem of many.

At the heart of our mission lies the belief that social work is crucial for societal betterment and enhancement. Our focus on enhancing the well-being of the girl child and addressing her basic human needs is driven by a set of core values designed to empower those who are vulnerable, oppressed, or living in poverty. Here is how each of our values guides our work:

Decent Africa has implemented various initiatives to empower girls in targeted communities by providing them with better educational and health opportunities and leadership development programs. Over the past decade, our educational programs have resulted in a 40% increase in school attendance rates for girls, while our health awareness programs, delivered in partnership with My Doctor, have reached over 30,000 girls and have resulted in a 25% reduction in preventable health issues. Furthermore, our empowerment workshops have helped over 15,000 girls develop leadership skills, leading to an 85% increase in confidence and engagement in community activities.

Our Core Values


We promote standards of modesty and respectfulness, which are essential in fostering self-esteem and respect among young girls. Through our programs, we aim to instil these qualities from an early age, helping to shape community perceptions and encourage a culture of decency.


Our operations are conducted with the highest ethical standards. We ensure transparency and honesty in all our dealings, building trust within our communities and among our supporters.


We believe in upholding the dignity of every girl child. Our initiatives are designed to empower girls to live dignified lives, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.


We hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our actions on the communities we serve. Regular monitoring and evaluation of our projects ensure that we effectively meet our goals and are responsive to the needs of those we aim to help.

We aim to expand these initiatives and empower 50,000 girls over the next decade. This will involve expanding our educational programs and health initiatives and developing community empowerment programs to help girls develop leadership and life skills. By doing so, we want to create a brighter future for girls in targeted communities, where they can achieve their full potential and contribute to improving their communities.

Our Team

Innocent Kawooya


Doreen Nanfuka

Senior Program Officer

Camillus Namata

Director Marketing

Arthur Mwesiga


Bridget Nakakuyu

Head of Finance

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The African woman was the embodiment of decency and always dressed in a way exemplary to subsequent generations.