An Overview About 10 Most Decent First Ladies in Africa

By their status as wives of African heads of state, Africa’s first ladies have attained role model status and must be exemplary in all manners, including how they dress and carry themselves. Against that background, a survey was conducted to find Africa’s ten most decent first ladies.

The survey, a significant event in the fashion and African culture community was based on a record of events that Africa’s first ladies attended in the last 12 months. It aggregated their fashion statements and eventually rated them on decency grounds. This meticulous process gave birth to the list of the ten most decent first ladies in Africa. The first ladies were rated based on at least 50 events that they appeared in as first ladies until April 2014.

10 Most Decent First Ladies in Africa 2014

Hon. Janet Museveni is the most decent first lady in Africa for 2014, according to an in-depth survey conducted by Decent Africa. The study also found that Hon. Janet, the first lady of Uganda since 1986, has a great passion for her culture and takes advantage of every opportunity to promote African fashion and art.

She has been found fashionable in traditional and contemporary wear and always dresses in a way that does not compromise her dignity. Janet scored 7.9 out of 10, the Global Decency Index’s top mark, thanks to her great sense of fashion, which presents her to the public as a respectable personality and inspires many young ladies and young African girls. This study further discovered that decent fashion encourages self-esteem.

Her Kinyankole outfits are always unique, colourful, and well thought out, promoting African culture extensively. “We are honoured to know she cares about inspiring the girl child. Congratulations upon topping this first-ever unique fashion listing worldwide,” Miss Tasha Nalinya, Decent Africa’s CEO, commented.


Hon. Mrs. Janet Museveni


Mrs. Chantal Biya

Mrs. Chantal Biya, Cameroon’s first lady, came in second place, mainly due to her taste for classy designs. Judges rated her as the most elegant first lady of this time. Even when she embraces Western designs, Mrs. Biya always keeps decent. She scored 7.30 out of the total 10 Global Decency index points.


Mrs. Chantal Compaoré

Mrs Chantal Compaoré grabbed the bronze. She is a diehard fan of African fashion and promotes Bukinabe fashion and style more than any West African first lady. Mrs. Compaoré keeps her style African and blends it with fabulous modern jewels. She scored 6.90 Global Decency index points. Chantal Compaoré is probably the youngest first lady on this list.


Mrs. Ana Paula dos Santos

Ana Paula dos Santos is the most aggressive at fashion. She minds her image and is cultured to modern fashion trends, for which she keeps decent and well-fitting among all age groups.


Mrs. Chantal Boni


Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata


Mrs. Salma Kikwete


Mrs. Jeannette Kagame


Mrs. Grace Mugabe


Mrs. Patience Jonathan


Mrs. Lordina Mahama