The “10 Most Decent First Ladies in Africa” awards, presented by Decent Africa, are a highly esteemed recognition that pays tribute to the continent’s most influential and exemplary First Ladies. These awards acknowledge the unique role that First Ladies play in shaping national values, championing social causes, and promoting decency throughout their nations and beyond.


The “Student of the Year” award is a distinguished recognition program designed to honour exceptional students across diverse educational levels. Candidates seeking the award must exhibit outstanding academic accomplishments, exemplary leadership, and momentous community involvement.

3. Most Decent Politician

The “Most Decent Politician” award is an esteemed recognition of female politicians who demonstrate uprightness and integrity in their professional conduct and attire. This award acknowledges politicians’ dual roles as representatives of their constituents and embodiments of national values.

6. Most Decent Female Business Personality

The “Most Decent Female Business Personality” award acknowledges the achievements of women who lead the business world and exemplify decency in their conduct and interactions. This recognition is bestowed upon successful entrepreneurs, executives in top management positions of renowned companies, and leaders within major investment bodies.

4. Most Decent Public Servant

The “Most Decent Public Servant” award recognises outstanding women who demonstrate exemplary professionalism and decency in their professional and public lives. This prestigious award celebrates women who effectively represent the integrity and values of the public organs they serve and the nation through their conduct and attire.

5. Most Decent Female Celebrity

The “Most Decent Female Celebrity” award aims to recognise women in the entertainment industry and beyond who embody high decency standards and influence and resonate with the public. The award acknowledges female celebrities across various domains, including film, television, music, sports, and literature, as public figures who shape cultural norms and values.

7. Best School Uniform

The “Best School Uniform” award recognises primary schools that have maintained high standards of decency in their uniforms, in contrast to the trend of modernisation, which has often led to less traditional designs. This accolade celebrates uniforms that exhibit modesty and demonstrate bright detailing, uniqueness in colour, and design to promote a positive school image and foster student pride.