Decent Africa Awards

The Decent Africa Awards is a prestigious annual event that recognises individuals who embody the values of modesty and excellence across various sectors. The awards celebrate the achievements of women, with a particular focus on women’s empowerment. The recognition extends from school-going girls to influential figures in politics, public service, civil society, and business. The Decent Africa Awards portfolio also includes the “10 Most Decent First Ladies in Africa” ranking, which has gained widespread recognition as a hallmark of excellence and decorum since its inception in 2014. The initiative, curated by Decent Africa, has received acclaim from various Heads of State and the First Ladies.

The awards cover various categories: leaders and First Ladies, school-going girls, secondary schools, higher learning institutions, politics, public service, civil society, and business personalities. They celebrate exceptional achievements and contributions to communities, schools, or extracurricular activities and acknowledge schools and universities that foster a modesty culture and provide opportunities for female empowerment. The awards also recognise female leaders who demonstrate integrity, humility, and dedication to public service, individuals in government or public institutions who exemplify modesty and excellence in their roles, activists, advocates, and leaders in non-governmental organisations who champion causes related to modesty, equality, and social justice, and entrepreneurs and business leaders who embody modesty, integrity, and ethical business practices.

Over the past five years, the Decent Africa Awards have honoured over 100 women across diverse categories, showcasing the breadth of talent and achievement within the modesty movement. The awards ceremony attracts an audience of over 500 attendees annually, including government officials, industry leaders, civil society representatives, and media members. Through strategic promotion and coverage on social media platforms, the Decent Africa Awards generate substantial engagement, with hashtag campaigns reaching millions of impressions and inspiring online conversations about modesty and female empowerment.

A survey among past award recipients indicates that 80% reported increased visibility and recognition within their respective fields, leading to new opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and leadership roles. As the Decent Africa Awards grow in prominence and influence, organisers aim to expand the awards’ reach and diversity, reaching new audiences and highlighting emerging leaders in modesty and excellence.

The Decent Africa Awards serve as a powerful platform for celebrating and amplifying the achievements of women who embody the values of modesty, integrity, and excellence. By recognising individuals across diverse sectors and stages of life, the awards inspire future generations to strive for greatness while remaining true to themselves and their communities.

Decent Africa Awards Categories

  1. 10 Most Decent First Ladies in Africa
  2. Student of The Year
  3. Most Decent Politician
  4. Most Decent Public Servant
  5. Most Decent Female Celebrity
  6. Most Decent Female Business Personality
  7. Best School Uniform

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