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ICT 4 Everyone

With very strong partners and supporting branding in ICT, Decent Africa initiated the popular ICT for everyone project that majorly focuses on promoting ICT Education among the disadvantaged African communities, especially, the Girl Child.

ICT 4 Everyone project by Decent Africa offers free ICT training services in different locations around Africa. Every year, Decent Africa specialists identify a community/school that is in most need of ICT training services, constructs a highly functionally ICT training lab and facilitates tutors and trainers to sensitize disadvantage African community about ICT, especially training in office Applications, Research Applications, and so much more.

This does not only empower the Girl children with knowledge but also provides them with knowledge to startup business that can finance their lives.

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Decent Africa Awards

The very first of its kind in Uganda, Decent Africa Awards is a unique avenue through which women from different walks of life and age brackets, will be recognized and awarded on the basis of decency. Apart from appreciating decency, the awards will also inspire women to embrace decency.

The awards will cover women, right from school going girls, secondary schools, higher institutions of learning, politics, public service, civil society, business personalities as well as corporate personalities; who have exemplified decent fashion designs. 

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