What we do

At Decent Africa, we;

  1. Brand and market all kinds of decent fashions and designs.
  2. Advocate for decent dressing among women of different ages.
  3. Promote girl child self esteem and the concept that Decence is cool.
  4. Rate and reward the most decent personalities in influential positions in public service, corporate companies and media through the DECENT AFRICA AWARDS which run once a year.
  5. Promote the Girl child dignity and Education through lobbying funds from corporate entities to support the most outstanding girls in areas of education and religion.
  6. Free ICT education for different communities in a way to train hands on skills and promote girl education.
  7. Promote and rate the most influential fashion labels and school uniforms in the fashion industry in Uganda, Africa and beyond
  8. We Design, Market and sell different types of fashion to local and international markets.
  9. We provide platform for advertising corporate brands within Uganda and elsewhere in the world.
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