About Us

Historically, the African woman was the embodiment of decency and always dressed in a way exemplary to subsequent generations. However, in the wake of globalization, most women have lost touch with decency by stereotypically perceiving fashion and style as synonymous with indecency.

The youthful women, who are more exposed to alien fashions of foreign cultures, have developed the mentality that decency is out of fashion and is not “cool”.

Decent Africa was therefore born out the desire to make decency an integral part of fashion and style. Yes, it is very possible for a lady to be fashionable, classy and stylish, yet decent! Decency is a culture that we must re-instill in the dress code of all women, at different levels and age groups.

Decent Africa is therefore the pioneer and leading platform for the promotion of Decent Fashion designs within and beyond Africa. At Decent Africa, we believe that decency is meant to be a culture that African women are proud of and not just a practice.

To ensure that women fall in love with Decent Fashion styles, we must start from the grassroots, through sensitization and promoting this core value among the future women in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The youth must realize that decency is cool.

We cherish every single Decent moment of fashion and believe this is the ultimate way to promote Decent Fashion and encourage decency among African women, especially the youth. We do this by engaging role models in different fields of human endeavor, to inspire and encourage the young.

In addition to promoting decency, we believe in and embrace the spirit of corporate social responsibility and empowering people with skills for sustainable development.

Our projects are therefore inspired by the desire to empower everyone with ICT knowledge and skills, putting emphasis on the girl child. We use our projects to mobilise funds for ICT FOR Everyone, a corporate social responsibility aimed at enhancing the development of communities in general and the girl child in particular, as strong believers in the role social work can play in the betterment of society.


What we do

At Decent Africa, we;

  1. Brand and market all kinds of decent fashions and designs.
  2. Advocate for decent dressing among women of different ages.
  3. Promote girl child self esteem and the concept that Decence is cool.
  4. Rate and reward the most decent personalities in influential positions in public service, corporate companies and media through the DECENT AFRICA AWARDS which run once a year.
  5. Promote the Girl child dignity and Education through lobbying funds from corporate entities to support the most outstanding girls in areas of education and religion.
  6. Free ICT education for different communities in a way to train hands on skills and promote girl education.
  7. Promote and rate the most influential fashion labels and school uniforms in the fashion industry in Uganda, Africa and beyond
  8. We Design, Market and sell different types of fashion to local and international markets.
  9. We provide platform for advertising corporate brands within Uganda and elsewhere in the world.

Vision statement

“To lead advocacy for decent fashion and girl child self esteem.”

Mission statement

“To foster decent fashion among people from all walks of life.”

Our Core Values

In keeping with our belief that  social work plays a significant role in the betterment and enhancement of societies, one of our major goals is to enhance the girl child’s well-being and help meet her basic human needs. We are guided by a well thought combination of values, aimed at empowering the girl child whether vulnerable, oppressed or living in poverty.

  • Decency
  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Inspiring
  • Innovative
  • Reliable
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