Best of 2015! Uganda's Most Decent Personalities.

Best of 2015! Uganda’s Most Decent Personalities.

By virtue of their status as Africa women, celebrities, leaders and public figures, these great women have attained role model status and must be exemplary in all manner, including the way they dress and carry themselves. It is against that background that a Decent Africa carries a Decency survey every year.

The survey is based on a record of events that different individuals have attended in the last 12 months, with the aim of aggregating their fashion statements and eventually rating them on decency grounds. That process gave birth to the list of the Decent Africa, Best of 2015 and Most Decent African First Ladies ranking among other listings. The winners of the Best of 2015 were rated on the basis at least 20 events that they have appeared on through 2015. Below are the different winners.

Most Decent Corporate Personality: Mapula Bodibe: 7:47 GDI Points


Most Decent Woman In Business: Prof. Maggie Kigozi: 7.39 GDI Points


Most Decent School Uniform: Seroma Christian High School: 7.2 GDI Points



Most Decent Politician: Amelia Kyambadde: 7.41 GDI Points


Most Decent Public Servant: Jennifer S Musisi: 7:43 GDI Points


Most Decent Artist: Mariam Ndagire: 7.44 GDI Points


Most Decent TV Personality: Fyona Kirabo: 7.27 GDI Points


Most Decent Public Figure: Barbie Kyagulanyi: 6:98 GDI Points



About Global Decency Index (GDI)

GDI is an index that aggregates decency and inspiration derived from decent fashion, directly or indirectly between the girl child and woman leaders/elders from all walks of life. The index formula was invented by Decent Africa, Africa’s leading fashion aggregating brand that strives to promote decency and self-esteem among the girl children, through taking record on every unique fashion statement.

How it works

Followers of popular women, public figures, women leaders, girls in school among others rate a given individual’s fashion decency out of 10. A panel of at least 20 expert fashion judges with high levels of integrity rate decent fashion styles out of 10. The results are combined together for which each sector contributes a specific mark to the Global Decency Index (GDI).

Daily, monthly, annual average GDI for a given region are published.

Qualities for Decent Fashion

  1. Decent Fashion should be devoid of indecent exposure of body parts that are traditionally considered sensitive e.g. breasts, thighs etc.
  2. It must exude respect.
  3. It must not water down someone’s integrity
  4. Must be relevant to one’s profession e.g. nature of job, school
  5. Must be compatible with a particular event e.g. party, traditional event etc.